Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show

Under the Mason's Apron is a monthly-ish folk music radio show in the form of a podcast, which can be listened to anytime you like either on-line or by downloading it. We play mainly traditional folk music from the British Isles, including variations from Europe and North America.

Two tracks from this CD

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show - ramblings DECEMBER 2018

Not so much new music this month, although a fair dollop of stuff released this year, including a submission of course. Keep 'em comng please!
And thus we present our usual non-Christmas show for you to digest while the mince pies battle against the prosecco, and for you to get away from the relations for an hour of quality music.
We love you all really......... bah humbug........see you next year.
(All the previous shows are now on the Internet Archive except the current show.)

Ben Walker album cover

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings NOVEMBER 2018

More new music this month, including a couple of submissions. and pre-releases.
All the previous shows are now on the Internet Archive except the current November show..
Next month brings you our unique non-Christmas show of course, to disable your desire to put up the tree and then help digest those mince pies.

Early morning Canadian mist

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings OCTOBER 2018

New music (to us) this/last month gets some play in the new show out this month (back to some semblance of normality).
All the previous shows are now on the Internet Archive except the current October show.

Whale gives us a wave

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings SEPTMBER 2018

Mal was in Canada (again) based in Nova Scotia. So we took the opportunity to record a show based loosely (very) on Canada (you can find it on the 'shows' page).
And of course we went to visit the humpback whales.
New CD's through the letter box from Leveret, Sarah McQuaid, The Bell Man, Kelly Oliver, and Kitty Macfarlane. Good stuff!
The September show is now available.

Tommy Peoples

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings AUGUST 2018

After the death of piper Liam O'Flynn earlier this year, we are deeply saddened by the passing recently of the great Irish fiddler Tommy Peoples.
There was even a tune named after him which says it all really. We shall be playing one of his older tracks in the new August show.
It's certainly heading towards the greatest band ever up there!
The August show is now avaialble.

Mal with Heidi Tidow

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings JULY 2018

We are going through a particularly hot spell - on both sides of the pond - so forgive any solar flare nonsense we say or do, which means in fact nothing out of the ordinary to our usual fare.
Once again we have several new CD's to feature - not least a celebration of 42 years of Fellside Recordings, with three tracks from the three-CD box set they have just released.
Lots of festivals of course this time of the year but not much in the way of new folky news.

Mal with Josienne & Ben

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings JUNE 2018

Here we are again with another show of great music - lots of it new off the presses, including Lucy Ward, Will Pound with a super treatment of lots of Morris tunes as used by sides around the country and throughout the year, Mishaped Pearls (yes, they have given us some trad music), and lovely piping from Vicki Swan, and from Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton.
There's also rumour of a re-issue of the classic Nic Jones album, Penguin Eggs, nest year. Looking forward to that!

The boys

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings MAY 2018

At last we return to the fold with a new show of crackin' music.
It has taken time to heal and we hope you will forgive our enforced abscence.
Onwards and upwards...............

Early days in the studio

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings APRIL 2018

A very sad end to March and continuing now into almost all of April leaves us drained and bereft at suddenly losing someone very close.
It takes time to heal of course but hopefully we shall soon be back in our respective chairs once more, chatting away like nothing has happened. Except it has of course................
Please be patient while we reset the stage.........

The boys play a tune

Under The Mason's Apron Folk Show -ramblings MARCH 2018

Welcome to the 'new' look Under the Mason's Apron Folk Show website. We've changed things round a bit and updated the cogs to bring us screaming into a non-Luddite look. Hope you find it attractive 'cos it has taken Mal a very long time to get his head round the hyper-text malarkey gubbins that we call 'the internet'.
We'll post stuff here of occasional interest, general comments on various things, and anything else we can think of. We tend not to Twitter too much (you can get bogged down with Twitter and its endless twittering).
The current show contains a tribute, in the way of a short tune, to piper Liam O'Flynn who died suddenly on 14th March. See the link on the right for more details.
You can also find a video of Lumiere performing 'Streets of Derry' from our current playlist, on our Facebook page.

The boys enjoying the sunshine in Canada

Current Show

The current Mason's Apron Folk Show is the annual non-Chistmas show, otherwise known as December 2018 which you can find on the **shows** page.

Next show .....

.......should be out in the New Year, real life permitting..... Wow! Tempus fugit etc.